Electric Chain Hoist from 500Kg to 5 ton and beyond

Chain hoistsPawell electric chain hoists provide an anti-phase protector and working height limit switches as standard in all chain hoists.

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Sunshine Crane Repairs offers a supply and repair service for electric chain hoists from 500Kg to beyond 5 tons. We supply Pawell electric chain hoists.

Seeking improved ease of use and work efficiency, Pawell electric chain hoists provide an anti-phase protector and working height limit switches as standard in all single or dual speed hoists and trolleys, which enhanced the safety and durability. Hoist range: 500kg hoist, 1 ton hoist, 2 ton hoist, 3 ton hoist, 5 ton hoist. Pawell has a range up to 25 ton but as always a solution can be engineered to suit your individual needs.

The Shell is a light aluminium alloy. This is used to offer a light but hard enclosure and is suitable for the use in the harsh work environments. The Aluminium shell also offers a high heat dissipation rate and all in a neat tight design.

Fitted with an inverse phase sequence protecting device, this special electrical installation controls the circuit in case of any wiring errors in the power supply. The hoist will always finds the correct limit switch waiting for it at the upper and lower limits. This is paramount in situations of a moveable hoist that plugs into various 415 outlets around your shop.

A load Limiting switch is installed so that if an operator attempts an overweight load it will trip the load limiting device and stops automatically. This removes the chain from any excessive loads and prolongs the life of the hoist.

24Vac, 36Vac or 48Vac extra low control voltage is used. This is in keeping with the Australian standards in an effort to remove any electrical emergencies from occurring. Just in case there is any unforseen voltage leaks from the hand held pendant. You know you and your employees will be safely protected.

Spring loaded magnetic braking device is fitted. This device is energised to release the hoist operation and in the case of a power loss it will instantly release the release magnet, bringing in the preloaded spring brake mechanism. Holding any load firmly and safely where it was.


Electric Chain Hoists

The Chain bag is light and appealing but it is still durable and functional.

The chain is designed and built to exceed the standards with a FEC80 ultra heat-treatable Alloy steel chain.

Pawell electric chain hoists come standard with a pendant Control Cable at 3m standard drop and a push button control pendant.

The hoist body outer shell is made from a light aluminium alloy, light enough in weight but still hard enough to take most of those accidental knocks. The cooling fins are specially designed to ensure a very high heat dispersion rate. This neat and clever fin design gives the TXK hoist range an impressive 40% continuous operation rating. This high heat dispersion rate makes the TXK hoist, a wise choice for those harsh work conditions found in the tropics.

The IP65 integral enclosed structure is suitable for places like chemical plants and electroplating factories.

The Hook is made by a hot forging process with the high strength required by modern lifting equipment. The safe operation of the lower hook is ensured with its freely rotating 360 decrees operation and a strong designed safety tongue.

Load support Frame consists of two steel plates, making it an extremely sturdy design.

Inverse phase sequence protecting device: It is the special electrical installation which controls the circuit not to work in case of wiring direction error in the three phase power supply.

An IP66 Waterproof push button design is applied. It is light, functional and durable.


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