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Crane repairsSunshine Crane Repairs is the only Gantry crane repair service located on the Sunshine Coast. The company has crane repair technicians, ready to help you carry your load. Focusing on the Sunshine Coast area from the base in Buderim, this location offers a great gateway to cover the regional areas of South East Queensland and Brisbane.
Restricted electrical contractors licence. 73065
Sunshine Crane Repairs can provide:

    • A crane maintenance schedule that will keep your company compliant with all Australian standards and regulations.
    • Created a service schedule to keep you in line with A.S.2550 compliant service program and this will help give you reduce down on your gantry crane?
    • We hold an extensive selection of replacement parts at an affordable price.
    • The service vehicle stock is well maintained with a complete range of all possible crane control voltages. This guarantees minimal waiting time for a coil to be sent from Brisbane, interstate or even China.
    • Sunshine Crane Repairs has its own range of chain hoists. The supply of a complete replacement chain hoist is only a phone call away.
    • An effective crane solution package for all your lifting needs, from a hand chain block to a large Goliath crane.
    • With supply access to a host of wire rope hoist units, Sunshine Crane Repairs can offer a cost effective solution to all your lifting needs.
    • Engineering solutions for your company‚Äôs hydraulic and pneumatic workshop equipment.
    • Maintenance of your workshop equipment can be programmed alongside your crane service schedule.
    • A Test and Tag service keeping your office and workshop equipment compliant with Australian government regulations.


Gantry crane repairs
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