SE Qld Crane Repairs

Sunshine Crane Repairs is the only Gantry crane repair service located on the Sunshine Coast. The company has crane repair technicians, ready to

help you carry your load

Sunshine Crane Repairs

offers a supply and repair service for electric chain hoists from 500Kg to beyond 5 tons. Seeking improved ease of use and work efficiency? We supply

Pawell electric chain hoist

Test and Tag

inspections on site. Sunshine Crane Repairs can provide all your electrical inspections and testing and tagging requirements, we cover

South East Queensland

Donald Kempf
Sunshine Crane Repairs

ABN 58 148 183 046

Ad. 23 Advance Rd Kuluin 4558

Mb. 0425 873 390

Office 07 5414 9384

Fax 07 5445 1670


Helping you carry your load.

Repair and maintenance of overhead gantry cranes

Repair and maintenance to workshop machinery

Test and tag inspections

Electric chain hoists 500Kg - 5ton

Sunshine Crane Repairs

helping you carry your load